Starting from Summer 2015, Green Age Aquaponics farm in Armenia kicked-off the production of clean organic greens, and the distribution to markets.

We are delighted to present our partners and fellows, who are offering our products at their marketplaces.

The GoGreenArmenia & Real Yummy Bagels L.L.C., is one of the most anticipated partners of “Green Age Aquaponics” farm. The produce of the farm is primarily targetted to be deliverd to GoGreenArmenia.

The Green Bean Coffee Shop – our partners and our firends! You can have tasty and healthy salads, prepared by the products of our aquaponics farm, have a visit to them as well!

And the last but not least important – The Club Restaurants. Wanna have a try a good mojito at the cafe or try a good pesto sauce? Have a visit to The Club! Get some aquaponics product based dishes!