Stocking the right aquaponic fish species

09 Nov Stocking the right aquaponic fish species

The aquaponic system is the circulation of water between plant and fish tanks. The fish fertilize water for plants, which intheir turn clean it back for reusement.  Consequently, the fish and the plants, which are the two basic ingredients of the aquaponic system, should be in their best possible health state,  to provide the sustainable process of the system overall.

To start an aquaponic farming you need an accurate information about the types of fish and plants able to contribute within the aquaponic system circulation.

Only some of  fish types are viable in the aquaponic stipulation. As the fish tanks are filled with saline free water for plants and veggies, the choice of the right fish is full with series of precautions.

Sterile Conditions.

The purchase of the fish should be done from a well established facilities. This is, of course, to prevent the numerous infections that can be extended in the fish tanks, later on infect the plants, as well. Keep in mind, that parasites are mostly increasing in the organic circumstances, so the first thing for the consideration is the state of fish.

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