We’re in European Aquaponics Hub!

European Aquaponics Hub

19 Jun We’re in European Aquaponics Hub!

Happy to announce that Green Age is an Approved Member at European Aquaponics Hub, and European Aquaponics Hubrecognized as the only farm in the region by this organization!

The development of alternatives agriculture practices such as the aquaponics system proves the raising of awareness about food safety, water management issues and the importance of organic greens across the world.

Through the European Aquaponics Hub, the scientific community and environmental professionals join their experiences to spread this innovation around Europe. This organization has been funded by the European Cooperation in Science and Technology, a huge network created in 1971 by the European Union which aims to energize and create a “trans-national cooperation among researchers, engineers and scholars across Europe”, thanks to a financial support for innovations. Composed by European researchers and scientists, COST helps to raise initiatives and creates a sustainable breading-ground to implement it.

Thus, EAH, also named Cost Action FA1305 is born from the desire to spread the aquaponics technology and empower men and women who work for the implementation of this “sustainable fish and vegetal food production”. This European approach of aquaponics combined with a multi-national composition of the organization’s team brings a unique expertise of the innovation, with a distribution of EAH in 4 working groups: “WG1 – Aquaponics Overview” is oriented in the law and European legislation of aquaponics; “WG2 – Aquaponics Scientific Focus and Systems Development Think Thank” looks at science for the development of the technology; “WG3 – Aquaponics Economic, Environmental, and Social Sustainability Think Thank” realizes market and economic analysis; “WG4 – Aquaponics Knowledge Transfer, Outreach and Training” takes care about education and exposure aspects of aquaponics system.

COST aims to integrate European Neighbors Countries in this organization to energize it and extend its area of operation and cooperation, that’s the reason why Green Age has been integrated as a MC Observer in COST Action FA1305. Thus, the NGO is involved in the third and fourth working groups, participating to the mutual support through the sharing of skills, experiences, academic and scientist research basis in the network.

The creation of a ground for international aquaponics based cooperation pass also by a real sharing of experiences thanks to the Short-Term Scientific Missions which allows eligible people to discover different aquaponics practices in another country from one week to 3 months. One of the main action of EAH is as well to provide aquaponics trainings in the form of workshops led by experts of the field for young scientists. Moreover, Working Group Meetings are organized in the participant’s countries to discuss about new researches, ideas and realize a check point of the organization, budget, etc.. Green Age will take part of the next one which will takes place in Croatia in October 2017.

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